KFC Menu Prices UAE and Price List 2024

Get ready for a delicious adventure with KFC in the UAE! Their menu is overflowing with delectable choices, perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re craving a hearty feast for a group or a light and refreshing meal, KFC has something to tantalize your taste buds.

Indulge in their amazing Deals:

  • Share the joy with the Classic Bucket – a crowd-pleasing favorite loaded with juicy chicken.
  • Grab a meal on the go with their For One options – perfect for a quick and satisfying bite.
  • Dig into their tempting Sandwiches – bursting with flavor and sure to leave you wanting more.

Gather your friends and family for a delightful For Sharing experience:

  • Choose from a variety of succulent chicken dishes, from the Original Recipe to spicy and grilled options.
  • Round out your meal with a selection of delicious Sides & Desserts – from crispy fries and creamy coleslaw to sweet treats that will leave you wanting more.

Whether you’re craving a quick snack or a fulfilling feast, KFC has it all!

So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest KFC in the UAE and experience a world of flavor that will leave you smiling!

Exclusive Deals

Menu ItemsPrice
Duo Cruncher Dip26 AED
Duo Zinger Dip38 AED
Duo Twister Dip26 AED
Duo Bucket55 AED
Firestorm Salsa Twist34 AED
KFC Cruncher Twist24 AED
Wings Snackbox19.50 AED
Super Mega Deal69 AED
Super 3099 AED
Mighty Twist33 AED
24 PCs Double Bucket135 AED
KFC Exclusive Deals UAE

Limited Time

Menu ItemsPrice
My Bucket24 AED
My Bucket Plus30 AED
Playing 11 Bucket95 AED
Firestorm Salsa Combo38 AED
Firestorm Salsa Twist34 AED
Firestorm Salsa Box47 AED
Firestorm Salsa Burger25 AED
KFC UAE Limited Time Menu

Sandwich & Wraps

Menu ItemsPrice
Zinger Sandwich18 AED
Twister Sandwich – Spicy9 AED
Twister Sandwich – Orignal9 AED
Mighty Zinger Sandwich24 AED
Filley Supreme20 AED
Zinger Supreme20 AED
Box Master Sandwich – Spicy20 AED
Supreme Meal31 AED
Supreme Box39 AED
Twister Meal20 AED
Twister Box28 AED
Box Master Sandwich – Orignal20 AED
Box Master Combo33 AED
Dynamite Cruncher9 AED
Dynamite Cruncher Combo20 AED
Veggie Zinger9 AED
Veggie Zinger Combo20 AED
Mighty Twist33 AED
Dynamite Cruncher Box28 AED
Orignal Mayo Cruncher9 AED
Pepper Mayo Cruncher9 AED
Original Mayo Cruncher Combo20 AED
Pepper Mayo Cruncher Box28 AED
Original Mayo Cruncher Combo20 AED
Original Mayo Cruncher Box28 AED
Original Pepper Mayo Kids Meal20 AED
KFC Cruncher Twist24 AED
Zinger Box39 AED
Mighty Zinger Box45 AED
Mighty ZInger Meal37 AED
Mighty Zinger Meal31 AED
KFC Sandwich & Wraps UAE

Chicken For 1

Menu ItemsPrice
Dinner Crispy Strips Meal32 AED
Super Dinnner Meal37 AED
Dinner Meal33 AED
Variety Box45 AED
Hot Lime Wings Box35 AED
Chicken For 1 KFC UAE

For Sharing

Menu ItemsPrice
8 pcs super bucket79 AED
12 pcs super bucket104 AED
18 pcs super bucket139 AED
24 pcs super bucket170 AED
15 pcs Hot Lime Wings42 AED
8 pcs Wings Dipping Bucket90 AED
12 pcs Wings Dipping Bucket115 AED
18 pcs Wings Dipping Bucket145 AED
24 pcs Wings Dipping Bucket180 AED
Strips & Dips Feast75 AED
24 PCs Double Bucket 135 AED
8 pcs bucket69 AED
12 pcs bucket95 AED
18 pcs bucket129 AED
24 pcs bucket160 AED
For Sharing KFC UAE

Sides & Desserts

Menu ItemsPrice
Chocolate Chip Cookie6 AED
Rizo12 AED
2 Strips + 1 Dip6 AED
3 Pcs Hot Lime Wings9 AED
Tomia Sauce2 AED
Regular Dipper Fries + 1 Dip10 AED
Medium Dipper Fries + 1 Dip11 AED
Large Dipper Fries + 2 Dips13 AED
Family Dipper Fries + 3 Dips20 AED
Spicy Fries11 AED
Fries10 AED
Pop Corn Chicken10.50 AED
Coleslaw9 AED
KFC UAE Sides & Desserts


Menu ItemsPrice
Fire Storm Dip1 AED
Hot Cheddar Cheese3 AED
Flamin’ Hot Dip1 AED
Garlic Buttermilk Mayonnaise2 AED
Sweet Chilli Sauce2 AED
Dynamite Sauce2 AED
Cheddar Sauce2 AED
Colonel’s Signature Sauce2 AED
Spicy BBQ sauce2 AED
Gravy Sauce4 AED


Menu ItemsPrice
7 UP11 AED
Mountain Dew11 AED
Fresh Orange Juice13 AED
Pepsi11 AED
Pepsi Zero11 AED
Mirinda11 AED
KFC UAE Beverages

KFC UAE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is KFC UAE’s phone number?

  • The KFC restaurant phone number may vary by location. For customer support or inquiries, you can contact KFC Customer Support at 📞 600522252.

2. What are the KFC opening hours?

  • KFC typically opens late in the morning and closes late at night.
    • Monday-Saturday 🕓 10:00 am – 🕓 2:00 am
    • Sunday 🕓 10:00 am – 🕓 10:00 pm

3. What are the KFC menu prices near me?

  • KFC menu prices range between AED2 and AED139. From the lowest-priced item, BBQ Sauce, to the highest-priced item, 21 Pcs Super Bucket.
    • Price range: AED2 – AED139

4. What is KFC UAE’s email address?

  • For general inquiries or support, you can contact KFC through their UAE Email address: ✉ [email protected]. Please note that specific restaurant email addresses may not be available.

5. What is KFC UAE’s Website Link?


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