Dubai Government Human Resource Department Careers

The Dubai Government Human Resource Department (DGHR) stands as a cornerstone of Dubai’s vibrant workforce, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within the government sector. If you’re seeking a career that aligns with your passion for making a positive impact, the DGHR presents a gateway to a world of possibilities.

Company NameDubai Government Human Resource Department (DGHR)
Job LocationDubai
QualificationsHigh school/Degree Diploma or Equivalent
Application TypeOnline
Recruitment TypeFull Time
Expected SalaryAs per UAE
BenefitsAs per UAE labor law

Job Opportunities:

The DGHR’s comprehensive range of career opportunities caters to a wide spectrum of talents and aspirations. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic newcomer, you’ll find a niche that matches your skills and interests. Explore exciting avenues in fields such as:

  • Administration and Support: Provide exceptional administrative and support services that underpin the smooth functioning of government operations.
  • Audit and Finance: Safeguard financial integrity and ensure sound financial management practices across government entities.
  • Education: Contribute to the development of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce by supporting educational initiatives and programs.
  • Engineering: Play a pivotal role in shaping Dubai’s infrastructure and technological advancements through innovative engineering solutions.
  • Health, Safety, and Environment: Promote health, safety, and environmental sustainability within government workplaces and communities.
  • Human Resources: Drive strategic human capital management initiatives, fostering employee engagement and productivity across government entities.
  • Information Technology: Shape the digital transformation of government services, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and accessibility.
  • Legal, Judicial, and Regulatory: Ensure adherence to legal frameworks and regulations, upholding the rule of law within the government sector.
  • Media, Marketing, and Communication: Amplify the government’s message and engage with stakeholders through effective communication strategies.
  • Medical and Nursing: Provide high-quality healthcare services to the community, ensuring the well-being of Dubai’s citizens.
  • Social, Cultural, and Economic Development: Contribute to the social, cultural, and economic progress of Dubai, enhancing the quality of life for all residents.
  • Strategy and Quality: Develop and implement strategic initiatives that enhance the quality and effectiveness of government services.
  • Travel, Tourism, and Aviation: Support Dubai’s thriving tourism industry, promoting the emirate as a global destination.

Embrace a Culture of Growth and Development:

At the DGHR, you’ll join a dynamic team committed to continuous learning and professional development. Embrace opportunities to expand your knowledge, hone your skills, and advance your career through:

  • Comprehensive Training Programs: Enhance your expertise with tailored training programs designed to elevate your skills and knowledge.
  • Personalized Mentorship: Gain valuable insights and guidance from experienced mentors who will support your professional growth.
  • Enriching Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders and fellow professionals, expanding your network and fostering meaningful collaborations.

Make a Tangible Impact on Dubai’s Transformation:

Your career with the DGHR extends beyond personal fulfillment; it’s an opportunity to make a tangible impact on Dubai’s transformation into a global hub of innovation and excellence. Contribute to shaping the emirate’s future by:

  • Enhancing Government Services: Improve the quality and efficiency of government services, ensuring seamless experiences for Dubai’s residents and businesses.
  • Driving Innovation: Foster a culture of innovation within government entities, exploring new ideas and solutions to address evolving challenges.
  • Promoting Sustainability: Integrate sustainable practices into government operations, contributing to Dubai’s environmental stewardship.

How to Apply:

To embark on this extraordinary career journey, visit the DGHR’s careers portal and explore the exciting opportunities that await. Tailor your application, highlighting your skills, experiences, and passion for making a difference. Join the DGHR team and make your mark on Dubai’s future.

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Join the DGHR and embark on a rewarding journey of professional growth, personal fulfillment, and societal contribution. Discover a workplace where your talents are valued, your potential is nurtured, and your contributions make a lasting impact. Let your career be the driving force behind Dubai’s success.

Remember, the DGHR is not just a place to work; it’s a place to belong, to grow, and to make a lasting impact on Dubai’s remarkable journey.


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